My name is Lynn and I moved to lovely Gosport during the Covid pandemic, and what a perfect location to be locked down in. I just love being by the sea! And when the opportunity came to open a wellness studio by the harbour it was like a dream had come true.  So please come find us at the Royal Clarence Yard in Unit 8 just behind the Sea Cadets.


I have been lucky enough to travel around Asia and develop my skills as a massage therapist and have brought these back home. Not only have I travelled but I have been fortunate to have worked alongside some great therapists including osteopaths, sports therapists and physiotherapists, allowing me to have a greater understanding of how the body works.

I enjoy learning new ways of healing the mind and body. No treatment is the same. I work with my clients as individuals and tailor all my treatments to suit their needs. Feel free to mix and match on any treatments to get the best of your time spent in the studio. 

My passion in life is following the ancient Indian holistic medical system of Ayurveda and its other fellow vedic sciences of Yoga and Vaastu. When you visit our studio you will discover how it follows the principles of Vaastu on how it is laid out even down to the placement of plants, water features and candles. The yoga classes I teach incorporate the elements of the doshas, for example I use Yin yoga to rebalance Vata and Vinsaya flows to re-energise Kapha.


Why the name Danu?


Danu is a goddess with many other names depending on which system you follow or have heard of. She is the most ancient of the Celtic gods also known as a mother goddess, from which all the Irish gods descended. She has a strong connection to the land and water and represents fertility, prosperity, wind, rivers, wisdom, wealth and abundance. It is thought through her association with water, the River Danube was named after her. Some of her symbols include flowing water, gold, air, wind, earth, moon and fish.