Our teachers are trained in various styles of yoga to suit everyone needs.

Late morning Hatha Practice with Lynn at 10am followed by Meditation with Mary-Ann on Wednesdays.  This practice is for all abilities.  It is a classic Ayurvedic practice that includes pranayama and relaxation, finished off with a 30 minute guided meditation.  Only £15 for 90 minutes or £60 if you block book five classes. 

Friday night book in for our Vata Yin yoga with Lynn at 8pm.  An excellent way to end a busy week and start the weekend with a clear mind and stretched body.  In Yin we keep most of our poses low to the ground or seated, using props as support in order to hold these positions for a bit longer than a normal hatha class.  Our class always ends with a guided meditation. 

Why not stay after our Yin Class for a 30 minute Yoga Nidra practice with Mary-Ann.  This usually done laying down but you can remain seated if you prefer.  Known as Yogi Sleep although the attention is to remain awake.  Mary-Ann will guide you through a sequence of body awareness and visual images to promote mindfulness.  A deeply relaxing class suitable for all. 

To book for Yoga Nidra and Meditation go to Mindfulness & Yoga Nidra @ Danu Beauty & Wellness Studio - Booking by Bookwhen

Saturday morning Kapha flow at 9.30am.  Start the day as you mean to go on with some restored energy.  This classes is a vinyasa style class with Sun Salutations mixed with other standing flows. Great if you are feeling heavy and sluggish at the moment or what to lose some weight.

Saturday late morning book in for Prenatal yoga at 11am.  This is a great class for all trimesters and a lovely way to meet new mums.  


Only £7 per class or £30 for a *block of 5 classes



Join Lynn on a Wednesday lunch time at 12.40pm and evening at 8pm for Aerial Hoop suitable for all abilities including beginners.  Aerial Hoop is a circular steel hoop suspended from the ceiling and students are taught to perform aerial acrobatics.  For those who love to fly!

Lynn will also be offering workshops in Aerial hammock, Aerial yoga and Lollipop Lyra.  Join our mailing list to receive News Letters on when this workshops,

Only £8 per class or £35 for a *block of 5 classes

Head to our online booking page.

Private classes can me booked for 1:1 at £35 for the hour

or 2:1 £45 or 3:1 £55.


Email us at for more information and to book a private class.

*Block bookings all classes must be used within 60 days. 


Non-refundable if classes are cancelled 24 hours or less before classes begin.


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