Twice a year between the junctions of the seasons of winter to spring and summer to autumn join Lynn in a tailored cleanse to reset the body in preparation for the season ahead.

Each individual receives a personal Ayurvedic consultation and is given a food plan to suit their body constitution as well as a detailed daily routine to follow for two weeks. Those that join the cleanse will also receive a cleansing kit that includes massage oil, herbal teas, herbs and recipes for meals suitable for the cleanse. There is support throughout the cleanse in the form of group video calls to answer questions before the cleanse begins and at the end of week one. You can also contact Lynn through out the cleanse with any questions or for moral support to get you to the end of the cleanse.

Daily routines include set times of the day for waking up, breakfast, lunch, dinner and going to bed as well as yoga, self massage, pranayana exercises and meditation. You also get 6 yoga classes included in the program.

If you wish to discuss a private personal cleanse please email Lynn at info@danubeautyandwellnessstudio.co.uk.

Our next cleanse begins the 5th of September. £150 to join the cleanse. Early bird discount at £119 if you book before the 5th of August 2021.

Immunity Cleanse kit also available for £80 or £69 during September 2021.  Collection from studio.