My Ayurvedic Journey...

Me in India 2010

Hello folks, Lynn here the girl behind the Bom Dia Dream. Many of our clients will know that our studio is based mostly on Ayurvedic principles and I thought it be fitting to tell you my story in my journey to living an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

It all became in 2009 when I attended a workshop and met a fellow holistic therapist who had a dream to study in Thailand the style of Northern Thai Massage. Sad to say I stole her dream. In 2010 I took the Summer off from my job as a Retail Manager and travelled Asia. I was very lucky to see China, study in Thailand and as an add on I also went to India and as you can guess it all began there. Our guide told us "not to expect too much and you will be surprised". He was damn right there. I fall in love with India and all it had to offer. As soon as I arrived in Goa it felt like home, no surprises there as it still had a Portuguese sense of living and what with being half Portuguese...

Already trained in various massage techniques already, including Indian Head Massage I thought it was only right to experience an authentic Indian Head Massage in India. Totally different from what I was taught in England and sooooo much better. And the herbal oils were just something else. Of course I had to bring some home to find my family and friends could notice a real difference in various conditions being relieved when I used these oils on them. I had to learn more.

Having studied in Thailand and enjoyed every minute of it I looked into studying again abroad in India. However it turned out there was no need to travel, I was able to learn everything I needed to know about Ayurveda from Dr Deepa at Ayurveda Pura Academy in London. There was so much more to Ayurveda then herbal oils and massages. It was a life science and a life style I have now chosen to adopt in to my every day life, from the herbs I take daily, the yoga I practicing every morning and the foods I chose to eat. I have learnt what my natural body constitution is and how to keep my body in its true health. First I began with studying the therapies of Ayurveda. In the last 6 years I began to practise yoga more regularly, the last three years being a daily practise and the last few months introducing mantras, pranayamas, meditations, Reiki self healing and kriyas also. I learnt to spend some quality time on myself, quality time to help heal both my body and mind. So often we complain there is not enough time in the day but sometimes we need to make some time for yourselves. A quote a friend once told me its ok to be selfish if selfish meant nourishing the soul. Earlier this year I qualified as a yoga teacher and Ayurveda consultant in order to help others. Don't get me wrong this is a life style its not a quick fix. It's a passion of mine to which I was to share with you all.

Recently if you have been following me on Instagram you will have noticed I have been performing the ayurvedic detox Panchakarma this autumn. An internal and external oilination of the body, to get rid of toxins. I followed a mono diet of cooked rice and veg for over a week and performed daily massages and various other techniques such as herbal enemas known as basti to purge my body. The results were amazing. This detox truly did make me feel stronger and look younger.

To learn how ayurveda can help you why not book in for a consultation with myself to find out what your natural body constitutaion is and how we can bring you back to your true health, reliving any symptons or conditions that may be setting you off balance. Through pulse and tongue diagnosis I will determine your natural Prakriti, current Vikriti and if there are any toxins within the body. Together we will develop a treatment plan using herbs, diet, massage and yoga to get you back on the right track for you.

Continue to follow me on Instagram to learn more about my daily routines and how natural foods in your kitchen are far better than shop bought chemical based products that are being used in your beauty routine.

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