Ayurveda and the Soul

In Ayurveda the soul plays an important role to how we live our lives. Known as Atman, it is our eternal centre of consciousness. It is never born and never dies. It is light itself that only observes does not feel. Our bodies are just the vehicle for this soul and how we look after our bodies has an effect on the Atman.

The Soul choses it vehicle from the moment of conception entering the Bramrandra point located at the crown of the head. It is then the mothers job to look after that growing child. Happy mother means happy baby, happy soul. There are preparations to conception which I shall discuss in a future post but once the mother falls pregnant it is her duty to live the next 9 months for the growing foetus. This includes eating the right foods, giving into cravings, gentle exercises, specific herbs during each trimester and other self care rituals to promote wellness for both mother and child.

It is important to protect that child for the first two years of their life until the skull is fully formed in order to prevent the soul from escaping. This can be done by massaging the scalp of the child twice a day to calm the soul. In ayurveda we also give the child a decoction of herbs with breast milk every day for these two years from day 15 after birth.

It takes two years for the soul to travel down to Muladhara Chakra where it will resided after gathering all the elements from the other chakras. The chakras are deep in the spine and these are wheels of energy connected to the endocrine system. There are 7 main chakras. The first five chakras are linked to the elements:

  • Muladhara the root chakra, the pelvic floor, holds prana and the reproductive glands and this is linked to the earth element.

  • Svadhisthara the sacral chakra linked to the bladder and adrenal glands houses the water element.

  • Manipura the solar plexus that surrounds the navel and pancreas is linked to the fire element.

  • Anahata the heart chakra associated with the thymus gland as well as the heart is linked to the air element.

  • Vishuddha the throat chakra and the thyroid is linked to the space element.

  • Ajna the third eye chakra is linked to the pituitary and pineal gland and Sahasarara the crown chakra the cerebral cortex are both linked the spiritual realm.

The aim in life is for the soul to leave via Shiva Randra in order to reach enlightenment. How we chose to life our lives has a knock on effect on our souls. How are you living yours?

If I can give one piece of wisdom it would be good to remember that self care is not being selfish.

In ayurveda we use yoga and its eight limbs:

  1. Yama the codes of ethical behaviour to be observed and followed in every day life.

  2. Niyama which is the positive current that brings discipline

  3. Preforming postures that are called Asanas.

  4. Breathe work called pranayamas.

  5. Pratyahara, detachment of the senses.

  6. Dharana to hold.

  7. Dhyana to meditate.

  8. Samadhi to relax.

To learn more about yoga and ayurveda please come visit our tranquil studio by the sea at Royal Clarence Marina.

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