It's the most difficult time of the year: over coming grief

Lets be honest folks, this time of year is great for some but for others it can be really tough. The pressure of the seasonal celebrations can effect us all in different ways and for those who are missing passed loved ones, emotions can be heightened and grief can feel overwhelming.

I myself am still yet to experience grief in the form of losing a loved one. I have lost family members and friends but I have never felt the loneliness of grief so my advice for this piece is based on my clients experiences whose grief I have helped manage using the knowledge of Ayurveda. So please excuse me if what I write lacks emotion or sensitivity I just wish to share tools that may help during this time of year, if not all year round.

This time of year is supposed to be all about festive cheer, gathering in masses with loved ones and creating memories that live on in our minds and hearts. It is no wonder that this particular time of year can be so painful for some who reminisce of fond memories of putting up a Christmas tree with their child who they can no longer kiss goodnight or drinking sherry with their beloved wife who is no longer sitting by their side.

Grief effects us all differently because we are all different. Some will hide their emotions, bury thoughts and feelings deep inside and others crave emotional support through hugging and talking to those who will listen. Some will lose their appetite whilst others gain weight through finding comfort in food or alcohol. And all of the above is ok for a short period of time, we are only human after all. How one deals with grief is all down to their natural body constitution known as Prakriti. So yes you have heard this from me before if you have read other blog posts. To find out what your natural body constitution is and your current, booking in with an ayurvedic consultant is the first port of call.

The mind can be so cruel, but did you know our first memories are stored within our guts. Hence why we sometimes struggle with our digestive system through times of stress and the emotions of grief. So here are two very simple rules to follow...


Now I am not saying stop eating all together but I recommend getting family and friends to cook for you. Why you ask? Because they will be cooking with love. The thought of bringing you love and nourishment through food is actually a positive energy that is passed through the cooking process into the food and this is then passed on to you. This wholesome, loving cooking will taste divine. It will release emotions that will need to be released which in turn is healthy. You do not need to eat it all but a little goes a long way to a more positive recovery. You can honestly put love into food and reap the benefits and if you love The Beatles you know "all you need is love". Eating in silence also helps with proper digestion.


Always drink with a friend or loved one. Alcohol only heightens feelings and emotions of grief, even those that have been suppressed.

Death is the most certain thing in life. I personally do believe in life after death, I believe that those who have passed on, go onto an afterlife as their true happy self. The lead up to their death may have changed them physically and or mentally, but in death they are free and can be their true self. They become our guardian angels, our guides until it is our time to join them.

Grief is a powerful emotion. Be patient with yourself. Allow yourself time to grieve but don't do it alone. Know that you have others around you who are happy to help and love you in these difficult times. Love is the purest of emotions that can heal the mind, body and soul. You will find love is given from friends, family and even strangers. Allow those negative feelings of grief to succumb to those positive emotions of love.

The above tips can also help with anyone suffering from the post festive blues with tenderises to depression, anxiety or stress. These issues we also look more into meditation, breathing and yoga poses to promote a calmer state of mine as yoga is for the mind where as ayurveda is for the body so we use herbs, diet and daily routine to restore balance within.

I wish you all a positive 2022 and if you wish to have more information or help on any subject I have discussed please feel free to email me at

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